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A Man's Guide to Cufflinks

Jul 03, 2021

A Man's Guide to Cufflinks

What are cufflinks?

Cufflinks are tools used to button shirt cuffs.

They can replace the buttons that are usually sewn on the cuffs of shirts. The most obvious feature is that the cufflinks are separate objects: sew it on the shirt, it is a button, but if it is completely detachable, it is a cufflink.

Just like buttons, cufflinks come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. They are usually more contrasting than buttons and considered a more decorative option, but they are not more formal or informal in themselves.

The basic cufflinks: how to work

Cufflinks secure the shirt by sliding through the holes on either side of the cuff opening and then swing to a locked or fixed position to secure the two sides together.

These are fixedly by setting the toggle in their closed position so that there is a straight port from the underside of the head.

The posts slide out from the holes on both sides of the cuff, and then the toggle is swung outward to prevent the posts from slipping out.

Fix the cufflinks in place with the front face of the insert member placed on the buttonhole decoratively.



When to wear cufflinks

The most famous role of cufflinks is as a substitute for formal and semi-formal buttons. If you are wearing a suit, with a white tie or black tie, there will be links at the cuffs (the shirt usually has buttons on the chest instead of buttons).

However, this is hardly the scope of their wardrobe functionality. From ordinary white business wear to brightly colored casual shirts, there are French cuffs, or single cuffs with holes on each side, instead of a button or a buttonhole. In addition, the tailor can easily turn any basic button and buttonhole shirt into a shirt with cufflinks, just by removing the buttons and inserting a small buttonhole in its place.

This means you can-if you want-match cufflinks with your best business shirts and tattered flannel work shirts. Yes, some people just like the latter-never underestimate the contemporary hipsters' hobby of mixing high fashion with low fashion.

In fact, most men wear cufflinks in business and relatively formal social occasions as an accent for suits and ties. In other words, a more relaxed link can be matched with a sports jacket, and it can add a kind of fun that a simple button can't bring.

In short, there are no hard and fast rules. Wear cufflinks when you want to wear them. The only limitation is your collection of suitable shirts-and of course, your budget.

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