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Does a Man Wear a Tie?

Dec 25, 2020

Does a Man Wear a Tie?

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Traditionally, a custom necktie was worn with a button-down shirt with a collar. Maybe these pesky buttons are confusing and just need more talented fabrics to cover them. In addition, since the traditional tie length should hang down to the bottom of the buckle, the purpose may also be to cover the buckle carefully.


Men's standing-collar shirts are now available in a variety of imaginable colors, while the tried and true color is white. Pair it with a basic grey or black suit and there is little to draw attention to. A tie may be a man's way of wearing plain formal attire.


Just as the belt is the crumb catcher of the black-tie event, the tie may be the partner of the crumb catcher. Picture this: You sit down to a formal dinner party, put your napkin in your lap, and start eating bread (as usual) by tearing off a slice of bread and buttering it separately. A wrong piece of bread fell out of your mouth. Without a tie, bread might get caught in the folds of a shirt. But with only a tie, the crumb could slide along its own skateboard and fly into the ether under the table.


Legend has it that during the war, a man's wife or lady wore a scarf around her neck to commemorate his return. Since my wife is better at choosing a tie than I am, is this a bit of truth that will make her send me off to battle every day and promise that I will come back?


In the industrial age, when a man toiled all day on a dangerous machine, the last thing he needed to do was tie a long piece of fabric tightly around his neck, sink into the machine and kill it. A tie can be a status symbol, a way of saying, "I'm not worried about getting the fabric into machinery because my social role wouldn't put me in such danger." Until you lean near the office shredder, quick thinking and some scissors can trump any thoughts about status.


It doesn't take much imagination to see the way the tie is styled, with the knot around the neck representing the testicles and the hanging fabric of the penis. If you look closely, you will notice that the bottom of the tie tapered into a "V" shape, pointing directly at the man's groin. Like a walking, blinking billboard, the tie's purpose is to focus the eye first on the groin and then toward the face.

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The secret

The conspiracy theory is somewhat non-existent. Some followers of occultism believe that the concept of a tie predates the early rituals of occultism, in which a noose was placed around the neck when folded, symbolizing his willingness to sacrifice his life for a higher purpose - in this case, Satan. Websites and sources suggest that men wearing ties today are essentially using occult symbols as formal attire to mock themselves.

The truth

The reality is that there is not necessarily a clear reason to wear a tie today. The history of the tie can be traced back to 30 years ago during the war when BC Terra Cotta soldiers or Croatian mercenaries wore knotted scarves (later known as "bow ties") around their necks. The style, width, length, and knotting of the tie appeared many times. Like many fashions and styles, the tie has morphed and become ingrained in many male cultures. Moreover, it has now become a fashion for women to adopt and is even included in women's uniforms.