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How Many Ties do You Need?

Nov 27, 2020

Personalized Necktie How many Custom Neckties does a person need?

If you are Tom Holmes in the UK, it is 11,650. But later, he became a world champion grappling hook expert (a tie collector). The British Prime Minister even gave him a birthday tie once a year. However, what if you are different from Tom and you are a normal person and do not rely on PM to meet your neckwear needs? In this case, you may own less than 25 ties (36% of the men surveyed own).

However, if a man’s tie is equal to a woman’s shoes, then you should own more than 50 shoes (12% of men surveyed)?

Again, even if you have 100 ties (like 16% of men), you will only wear very few clothes, maybe "less is more"?

Whether it is inventory or inventory of your tie, these are the following rules:

Quality is better than quantity: only high-quality connections. A high-quality tie is a well-made tie. Its nodules are longer, hang straighter, and look fresher than a poorly constructed tie. High-quality cable ties quickly return to their original shape after wear due to the quality of their materials. They look better, which makes you look better. Just like a tie in life, quality will never go out of style.

  • Digital follow function: The number of ties you have depends on the work you do. A simple rule is that each suit requires 3 ties. Even if you are not wearing a suit, you still need enough ties to match all shirts. And don't forget to tie a bow tie for those occasional formal events.

  • Tie type: If you only own one tie, please make sure its primary color matches your eyes. A red tie can usually be easily matched with most suits and shirts, but the color of the tie can always match you perfectly. Even better, there are some other connections, among which the main colors are blue, black, and gray. The most important thing is to have different types of relationships. Men in suits need to mix ties, including stripes, geometric patterns, and colors.

  • Solid colors are safe but monotonous. On the one hand, they may be bland and tasteless, so they need to have interesting textures and rich surfaces to avoid being overly exaggerated. On the other hand, it is because they are not so eye-catching that they can easily match with your shirts and suits. The solid tie was given, and it was taken away.

  • Multifunctional = value: Multifunctional tie is a valuable tie. One function of a tie is to make a suit or sports jacket look different from the last time it was worn. Therefore, the more a tie is a variety of shirts, suits, and jackets, the more valuable it is to you. In fact, wearing a new tie is the easiest and cheapest way to update suits and sports jackets.

  • Enjoyment process: Choosing a personalized necktie is a subjective and personal process, full of risks. It is not for the faint-hearted. Your choice will reveal your taste and style. Open, quite a few. However, any man who aspires to achieve higher self-expression through fashionable ties must be willing to go through trial and error of choosing the right tie. One has to walk some way alone, and so does choosing a tie.