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How To Wear a Bow Tie

Apr 29, 2021

How To Wear a Bow Tie

Self-tie vs. pre-tied bow

There are some bowties on the market that you tie yourself, and some are bought yourself. Is one better than the other?

Yes, it is. A self-tie bow tie is better than a pre-tied bow tie. why?

If there is one piece of clothing that can express the light and windy sentiment concisely, it is the bow tie. They should look a little askew and a little imperfect. The only way is to tie it yourself. If you don't know how to tie, you can click "How to tie a bow tie" and then click on any video that appears.

Most bow ties have a hook that can be removed so that you can remove the knotted bow tie. Although it is worth noting that wearing a tie indefinitely is not conducive to their lifespan, we have many customers whose bow ties are tied around our necks, and they just keep doing this. Even this is advisable over wearing a pre-tied bow tie.

The pre-tied bowtie is too symmetrical and perfect. The bow will make the wearer's head look like a gift wrapped. If you want to impress those who distinguish between good and bad bows, then you can use the pre-tied bow tie to lie down on the ground.

pre tied bowtie

Correct bow tie proportions

Like any piece of clothing, it must match your natural body shape. Here are some quick and simple guidelines:

The width of the bow tie cannot exceed the wearer’s face

When you have tied your tie and look in the mirror, do the ends extend past your face? On the other hand, can they not reach the outer edge of your chin? If the end of the bow tie is different from the end of your chin, untie it and try it once. Most bow ties are adjustable, so you can try to shorten or lengthen them as needed. Once you have determined the exact size, you are ready to go.

Overall size relative to your frame

The proportions of your bow tie must match the proportions of your face (not to mention your figure). This is especially important when talking about bow ties because the proportion of bow ties varies greatly.

A simple rule of thumb: If you have a burly figure, a large bow tie will balance your figure. A smaller bow tie will accentuate your body shape and make you look bigger than you actually are.

On the other hand, men with smaller bodies can wear small bows, which works well. Large-scale bow ties worn by smaller men will overwhelm smaller men, making thin men look smaller than they actually are.

Should I wear a bow tie?

The short answer: an enthusiastic "maybe". Regardless of fairness or not, the bow tie gives the impression of being nerdy, professorial, and not serious. If you wear a bow tie on inappropriate occasions, this may in turn bother you.

There is an old saying, "You can do it doesn't mean you should do it." This sentence definitely applies to bow ties. We would like to further add, "If you can do it without affecting the image and message you want to convey, then you should do it."

Are you going to watch a horse race? This is a good excuse to wear a bow tie because you will be in an environment that requires a bow tie. Are you going to a consulting company for an interview? For the same reason, you can choose to wear a necktie.