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How To Wear Bow Tie

May 27, 2021

How To Wear Bow Tie

The bow tie has an undeniable peculiarity. Perhaps because of its inseparable connection with the tuxedo, perhaps because it is a glorious history worn by great men. In any case, this accessory is an indisputable sign of class, distinction, and elegance.

But now, there are very few opportunities to tie a bow tie. Except for annual celebrations or formal weddings, most gentlemen are lucky enough to wear them only once a year. Despite common misunderstandings, there are other ways to show off this fashionable clothing mark beyond penguin outfits.

How to wear a bow tie with a suit

Suits and ties are the uniforms of modern gentlemen. A white shirt and a pair of black or brown derby always match together, this is not an easy suit.

Although some people may think that the bow tie with a suit is the patent of the crazy professor, if done well, the bow tie can become a new style of dress for daily work. The trick is to keep it simple. Pair it with a plain white poplin shirt and navy blue or dark gray suit. Leave your bright colors to your tie and try pink, light blue, or even neutral colors in the colder months.

How to tie a bow tie with separates

If you are going to watch horse racing or polo in the next few months, you will most likely choose a one-piece sports jacket with contrasting pants or chinos. Since so many people are adopting this dress, then you should consider how to stand out from the crowd, and the bow may be your answer.

Don't mistake the bow tie for formal occasions like black or ivory satin. A more casual bow tie looks great with semi-formal clothing and is an easy way to show your fashion abilities. For example, consider using a navy blue suit and beige trousers with a yellow and light blue striped bow tie to give the campus a new look.

How to wear a bow tie with a black tie

The tuxedo is actually defined by its bow tie. Simple, elegant, and the most formal that most people have seen, the black satin bow tie is timeless and a classic you will always have.

However, with so many versions on the market, it is understandable that there are too many choices. My suggestion is to reduce the choice by simplifying things. Stick to the black satin version, either pre-tied or self-tied.

Pre-Tied and Self-Tie

For many men, the mention of a bow tie is enough to drive them crazy-not because of the accessory itself, but because it is necessary to wear a bow tie. This leads to the problem of pre-tied and self-tied.

For purists, there is really nothing better than a self-tie bow tie. Self-tie is a sign of a true gentleman because it is always imperfect. This bow knot uses a traditional shoelace knot to form two even loops, which usually look much more difficult than the actual situation. The key is to keep the knot tight and choose starchy fabrics. This prevents the bow from sagging throughout the night.

However, all this is not to say that it is wrong to tie a pre-tied bow tie. In fact, for many people, there is no time to struggle with self-tie. There are more and more tasteful pre-tie options on the market.

No matter what you do, don't use clamps. With such a good pre-tied version, there is really no need, you can find them for all the wrong reasons just a mile away.

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