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Pre-Tied Or Self-Tied

May 14, 2021

Pre-Tied Or Self-Tied

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a bow tie. Color, shape, fabric, pattern, etc. But before all this, there is the main criterion: do you want it to be pre-tied or self-tied? Let us see their differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

The difference between pre-tied and self-tied

The pre-tied bow tie is a bow tie that cannot be untied. How is it made? The main body of the bow tie consists of a main piece of fabric, usually a simple rectangle. If you think of a bow tie as a butterfly, it is the wings. Then use a small piece of cloth to squeeze the middle of the main butterfly to form the center of the bow (or butterfly body). This forms a bow tie and then ties the bow tie around the neckband.

As you may have guessed by now, the self-tie bow tie is knotted manually, so it can be untied. The entire bow, including the neck strap, is made in one single piece.

Pre-tied vs. self-tied: pros and cons

The obvious advantage of a bow tie is that you don't need to know how to tie it. Undeniably, this is faster and easier. You will not risk doing it badly, because it will always remain the same, straight and symmetrical. But it has two huge shortcomings that should persuade you to switch to a "real" bow tie.

The first thing to consider is the style you want. Let's face it: the symmetrical bow tie before the bow tie makes you look like a boring model student.

Compare it with the hairstyle. One can have an ordinary French braid, beautiful, tight, and neat. This is good. But it really feels naive, and a bit too neat.

What if your braids are a bit uneven and there is a strand of hair around your face? Not perfect, right, but isn't it more fashionable?

The lesson is: Talent is not perfect! A bow tie does not have to be perfect, in fact, it is better if it is not perfect. It gives a soul to your look.

The second point is the message you want to convey. The pre-tie bow tie cannot fool those who have paid attention to the bow tie. Obviously, it is pre-tied.

Have you ever considered wearing a pre-tie necktie like you did when you were a kid?

Then mature and don't wear a pre-tied bow tie ever again.

Self-tied and adjustable: a perfect combination

The perfect solution is a self-tied bow tie with an adjustable bow tie. You can tie the bow tie in advance and be ready to use it anytime. When the time comes, just cut it, and it's done. When you pull down the shirt collar, the adjustment mechanism will be hidden (unless you are wearing a wing neckline, in which case we recommend a fixed-length bow tie).

If you choose an adjustable bow tie, you can lend it to your father, brother, or cousin who has a different collar size, it will be good.

If you are a good friend, you can even prepare for those who have not fully mastered this technology.

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