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The Etiquette Of Bow Ties In Business

Jun 23, 2021

The Etiquette Of Bow Ties In Business

The bow tie first became popular in the 17th century, when soldiers and surgeons preferred neck scarves and short ties to long ties. Over time, the bow tie gradually evolved into a fashion statement, the most common in some formal occasions, and academic institutions. On business occasions, you can wear a bow tie if it suits your profession and occasion.

Formal occasion

If you participate in some formal work activities, choose a bow tie. Wear a tuxedo or elegant suit with a bow tie when attending a colleague’s wedding, a formal holiday business party, or a meeting that requires formal attire. Choose a bow tie that can be paired with a tuxedo and shirt, and avoid excessive prints and bright colors that will bring unnecessary attention to your wardrobe. Pure black or pure white bow ties are the most formal tie accessories.

Interview or sales promotion

Don’t wear a bow tie when attending job interviews or sales promotions that focus on soliciting potential customers. The Atlantic Monthly pointed out, “Don’t wear a bow tie when you are interviewing or promoting a new business. People will pay more attention to your tie than what you’re talking about.” Because a bow tie is an eye-catching accessory, So you should only wear it in business situations that can be noticed by colleagues.

Bow tie

Bow tie

Job responsibilities

Choose the bow tie that suits your job responsibilities. If your job requires taking care of patients, attending business lunches, or dealing with machinery, a shorter bow tie is good for your work tasks. Some university professors prefer bow ties because they will not fall into the soup bowl and will not hinder the use of engineering equipment.

Frequency of wear

If you want to incorporate a bow tie into your entire business dress, wear it every day; if you want to use a bow tie as a fashion statement, don't wear it often. If you work in an academic institution, choose bow ties during class lectures, student meetings, and professional meetings. As a doctor or lawyer, you should choose a bow tie in court hearings, meeting clients, and consulting patients. If you want to keep your bow tie unique, don't wear it every day.

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