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Types of Tie, Custom Silk Woven Necktie

Aug 20, 2020

When wearing a formal suit, wear a beautiful tie, which is not only beautiful and elegant but also gives people a sense of elegance. However, the tie that symbolizes civilization has evolved from uncivilized.

The earliest tie can be traced back to the period of the Roman Empire. At that time, the soldiers wore scarves on their chests. They were wipes used to wipe the swords. Drag the swords to the scarves during the battle to wipe off the blood. Therefore, most modern neckties use striped patterns, which originated here.

There are many theories about the origin of Custom Neckties, each of which starts from its own point of view and has a certain truth. It is difficult to convince each other, but one thing is obvious, that is, neckties originated in Europe.  A tie is a product of the material and cultural development of human society to a certain extent. It is an (opportunity) product. The wearer and the observer influence its development.  Marx said: "The progress of society is the pursuit of beauty by mankind ." In real life, in order to beautify themselves and make themselves more attractive, humans have the desire to decorate themselves with objects provided by nature or with man-made objects.  The origin fully illustrates this point.

Custom Silk Ties

Custom Silk Ties

1. Elegant and solemn silk

Although custom silk ties are bright in color, they are not unassuming and can also highlight the low-key luxury. The silk tie is made of heavy British silk, which has a softer and more comfortable touch. The silk satin tie must be the most common one. The silk satin is light and thin, colorful, and rich in luster.

2. Elegant woolen style

Woolen ties don't seem to be very common.  Neckties are generally in the style of shiny silk, which lacks affinity and fashion sense to some extent. The woolen fabric tie solves this problem. It is not only wrinkle-resistant and wear-resistant, soft to the touch, but also does not give people a sense of distance. It is relaxed and casual. The decoration of the tie is better than the need for etiquette.

3. Knitted tie frenzy

Knitted ties have been returning since last winter, and knitted ties are often approximately rectangular in shape. This guy with a square head and a square brain, about 2 inches wide, quickly won the favor of fashionable men. Knitted neckties and fabric neckties are not only different in material, but also slightly changed in shape. The biggest feature of knitted tie is its uneven knitted texture. And it is this texture that makes the knitted tie look more casual and casual. This kind of brightly colored knitted tie is most suitable for casual wear, even if it is a single outfit with a relatively bright color, because of the addition of a knitted tie, it immediately becomes alive.

4. Flax

In the hot summer, you can also choose a tie made of linen, which has good heat resistance and natural texture. Want to be cool and breathable for summer? Please choose linen fabric.

As the earliest textile used by mankind, flax has the advantages of breathability, sweat absorption and good hand feeling, which is very suitable for summer wear. At the same time, this fabric has a good anti-wrinkle effect and looks draped and elegant.