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Why Cufflinks Matter

Jun 07, 2021

Why Cufflinks Matter

For a modern gentleman, dressing is more than just choosing a set of clothes for the day. Clothes express more; they allude to a person's personality, telling the world who he was that day (or who he wants to be). If it is true that people rely on clothing, then small details can also shape or destroy a carefully assembled image. This is why a savvy dresser will carefully pay attention to the small details from the tie to the cufflinks and choose them to complete his costume design perfectly.

What are cufflinks?

Cufflinks are a popular alternative to traditional buttons sewn on the cuffs of many shirts. The main difference is that the cufflinks can be removed, while the buttons are not. However, just like buttons, cufflinks can be designed in different sizes, styles, colors, and the materials used can also be different. They can be considered formal or informal, depending on how they are worn.

Cufflinks are more eye-catching than buttons because they are generally considered accessories, even though every gentleman knows that their role is much more than that. They can add style to the suit, and can also bridge the gap between casual and formal. Wear a pair of good-looking cufflinks on your wrists, and your clothes will look good. You can even consider matching cufflinks with another piece of jewelry, such as earrings or necklaces.

Over the years, many men have ignored this accessory, thinking that they are just decorations with no actual function. However, shirts with no buttons on the cuffs are the key to matching the overall image. You can use a pair of good cufflinks to take your image to the next level and make an ordinary black shirt enviable.

Why cufflinks matter

Maybe a long time ago, for example, when you were still doing an internship, a neatly buttoned shirt and tie were enough for most occasions. However, now, that look is no longer enough; your position in the company continues to rise, or at least you have the desire to go further. We’ve all heard the saying: “Dress for the job you want, not for your current job”, which means you can no longer wear the uniform you had at the beginning of your career; it’s time to start thinking about the everyday dress and the message they convey to the people around you. The cufflinks seem to be a small detail, but they convey a final feeling, giving the impression that the person who wears cufflinks does not just wear them in the morning-he wears them to impress people because he knows where you want to go and who you want to meet.

Facts have proved that there is a psychological element in these small details. Research shows that although the differences may be subtle, people generally think that people who dress more eye-catching are more capable (and therefore do better at work). So, if you want to show that you want to be promoted to a managerial position, then a pair of cufflinks is a good start to turning average workwear into something more.

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